Confidence and cowardice are important speech-related concepts to be discussed. It is either you are a speaker with confidence or a speaker with cowardice.

Confidence is the state of being certain or trusting the words, actions and abilities of oneself or others. I will also look at confidence as a self-sustaining prophecy. A good speaker should know how to speak with confidence. It is essential in different aspects of life such as teaching, speech presentation, debate, interviews, program management and marketing activities.

Cowardice indicates a failure of an individual’s character in the face of a challenge or duty. To overcome…

What is your 2021 vision for your career? Are you job hunting? Are you planning to switch careers? Are you seeking a promotion at your workplace? What are your career goals? If you are seeking career growth in 2021, then you need a vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of an individual’s goals, dreams and aspirations.

Every year, we find ourselves informing our loved ones of our new year resolutions. Do you actually work towards achieving your new year career resolutions? The truth is, working to achieve a plan is very difficult. Achieving a goal needs time…

Egbe Okpaga

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